Thursday, October 1, 2009

Navagraha Temples (Nine Planet Temples)

A cluster of nine temples around Kumbakonam and Mayiladumthurai in Tamilnadu is referred to as the Navagraha temples -that bear the common thread of their association with the nine celestial bodies referred to in Indian astrological beliefs.

1.Suryan (Sun) temple at Sooryanarkoil (#T0023)

India /Tamilnadu
Dist: Thanjavur
Route: 15 Km from Kumbakonam

2.Chandran (Moon) temple at Thingaloor

Dist: Thanjavur
Route: Kumbakonam to Thinagaloor 30 Km

3. Guru (Jupiter) temple at Alangudi (#T0025)
Route:17 Km from Kumbakonam

98th temple near to the river Kaveri.(127 temples are near to the river Kaveri). The ‘Abatsahayeswarar’ temple at Alangudi bears a shrine to Dakshinamurthy and is referred to as the Gurustalam.

4.Rahu ((North Lunar Node))temple at Thirunageswaram (#T0026)

Route: 6 Km from Kumbakonam

The Naganathar temple

5.Saneeswaran (Saturn) temple at Thirunallar (#T0027)

Dist: Karaikal
Route:Kumbakonam to Thirunallar 48 Km. 39 Km from Mayiladumthurai

6.Sukran (Venus) temple at Kanchanur (#T0028)

Dist: Thanjavur
Route:3 Km from Sooryanarkoil

7.Chowa (Mars) temple at Vaitheeswarankoil (#T0029)

Route:13 Km from Mayiladumthurai.50 Km from Kumbakonam.

Pullirukku Velur or Vaitheeswarankoil near Mayiladuturai is an ancient Shiva temple bearing a shrine to Angarakan and is referred to as the Angaarakastalam.Famous for Nadi jyothisham

8.Budhan (Mercury) temple at Thiruvenkadu (#T0030)
Route:Kumbakonam to Thiruvenkadu 60 Km

Planet for all Sastra Gnanam

9.Kethu (South Lunar Node) temple at Keezhperumpallam (#T0031)

Route:Kumbakonam to Keezhperumpallam 65 Km


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