Friday, April 1, 2011


District :Palakkad 
Route : 30 Km from Palakkad | 20 Km from Shoranur | 8 Km from Ottappalam

Birth place of the famous Malayalam poet Kalakkathu Kunchan Nambiar.He is known as the father of Thullal movement .Three types of Thullal are Parayan Thullal, Seethankan Thullal and  Ottam Thullal.

|| 'Kalakkathu house' birth place of Kunchan Nambiar (18th Century)
Ezhuthani(Pen) of Kunchan Nabiar and an ever burning lamp are kept inside this home.

|| Stage for Thullal performance

|| Kunchan Memorial Library

|| Mandalam Vettam Bhagavathi temple 
near Killikkurissi Siva temple

|| An old well near to 'Mandalam Vettam Bhagavathi' Temple

|| Mandalam Vettam Bhagavathi Temple

|| Steps to Mandalam Vettam Bhagavathi Temple

|| Killikkurissi Siva Temple

|| Killikkurissi Siva temple 'Balimandapam'

|| Kannaki Temple

|| Killikkurissi Siva Temple Side View

|| Killikkurissi Siva temple

|| Temple pond

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bharathappuzha (Nila River)

District :Palakkad, Thrissur,Malappuram

Second longest river in kerala after Periyar river. The length of Bharathapuzha is 209 Km. Different views of Bharathappuzha

'Nila' originates from Annamalai hills in Western Ghats..

At Parli both Kalpathipuzha and Kannadipuzha merge with Bharathapuzha

Thoothapuzha (Thootha river) merges with Bharathapuzha at Pallippuram

Bharathapuzha empties into Arabian Sea at Ponnani

Friday, February 5, 2010

Malampuzha Dam

District :Palakkad
Route :8 Km from Palakkad town

|| Malapuzha Dam: The second largest reservoir in Kerala after the Idukki reservoir. The construction of Malampuzha dam started in the year 1949 and was completed in the year 1955.The capacity of the dam is 115.06 meters

|| Nandhi Sculpture by Kanayikunjiraman

|| Malampuzha Yakshi
[Sculpture by Kanayikunjiraman]
|| Dam - Long view

|| Garden- Long view

|| 35 meters long Suspension bridge across the canal

|| The Japanese Garden

|| Rope way

|| Suspension Bridge

|| Rope way

||Fish shaped aquarium

|| Malampuzha Yakshi and Malampuzha Dam

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fort Cochin

District : Ernakulam
Route : 10 Km from Ernakulam city

|| Anchor

|| Fish market

|| Chinese fishing nets


District : Ernakulam
Route : 10 Km from Ernakulam city

|| Mattancherry Synagogue - Clock Tower: Mattancherry Synagogue built in 1568 and is the oldest synagogue in India

|| Mattancherry Synagogue

|| Jews Town

|| Venkatraman temple

|| Jewish Cemetery

|| Mattancherry Palace [Dutch Palace] :
Built by the Portuguese and presented to Veera Kerala Varma (Raja of Kochi) in 1555 AD. The palace is built in Nalukettu style.

Palakkad - Fort

District : Palakkad
Route : In the heart of Palakkad town

Palakkad Fort [Tippu Fort] : made by Haider Ali in 1766 is one of the best preserved forts in Kerala
|| Long View

|| Inside the Fort

|| Hanuman Temple inside the Fort

|| Sculptures near the temple

|| Tippu Fort

Saturday, November 21, 2009


District : Palakkad
Route :Vadakkumthara near to Palakkad town
500 years old Jaina temple.At a jaina house here famous Malayalam poet Kumaranasan wrote his poem 'Veenapoovu' (The fallen flower)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kalpathy Car Festival (Ratholsavam)

District : Palakkad
Route : 3 Km from Palakkad
Kalpathy known as the Dakshin Kasi (Southern Kasi).It is famous for tamil brahmin agraharam. The tamil brahmins here are migrated from the famous Tamilnadu city Tanjavur (Famous for Brahatheswara temple/Big Temple) .Kalpathy Temple is near to the Kalpathi river. Kalpathy Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva with Parvathy (Visalakshi sametha Sri Viswanatha swamy Temple). Famous car fest is on November.

|| 3 Chariots (Visalakshi sametha Viswanatha swami,
Ganapathi, Suhbramanyan)

|| Visalakshi sametha Viswanatha swami Temple

|| Visalakshi sametha Viswanatha swami Temple

|| Kalpathy river (Kalpathy puzha)

||Agraharam (a garland of houses)

|| Mahaganapathy temple New Kalpathy

|| Chathapuram Mahaganapathy Temple

|| Unfinished Chariot

|| Chathapuram Mahaganapathy Temple

|| Chendamelam

|| Valiyatheru (Big chariot)

||Visalakshi sametha Viswanatha swami

||Lord Suhbramanyan

|| Lord Ganapathy

|| Big Chariot

|| Chariots through Kalpathy street