Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chidambaram Nataraja Temple

India / Tamilnadu
Dist: Cuddalore
Route:235 Km south of Chennai.100 Km from Thanjavur.
78 km south of Pondicherry and 60 km north of Karaikal

One of the ancient temples where lord Siva in Ananda Thandava pose (the cosmic dance of bliss).This temple is the assimilation of several architectural styles.In Chitsabha Lord Siva and Parvathi are represented using two coloured cutains.Black for Siva and red for Parvathi.Chitsabha represents the Chidambara Rahasyam(representing Siva and Parvathi in formless form’Aroopam’).In KanakaSabha (Golden hall) Lord Siva is in Ananda Thandava pose.

|| Chidambaram Nataraja Temple (#T0001)

|| Natarja Temple - Walkway (#T0002)

|| 1000 pillared hall and Sivaganga tank (#T0003)

|| Long View of Temple (#T0004)

|| Gate way (#T0005)

|| Rajasabha Long view (#T0006)

|| Temple view from front gate (#T0007)

|| 1000 pillared hall (Rajasabha) (#T0008)

|| Sculpture in Rajasabha (#T0009)

|| Old Prakara (#T0010)

|| Row of pillars near Sivaganga tank (#T0011)

|| Long View (#T0012)

|| Sculpture in the 1000 pillared hall (#T0013)

|| Lofty tower about 250 feet height
and 7 tiers (#T0014)

|| 1000 pillared hall (#T0015)

|| 108 karanas (possess of classical Bharatanatyam)
in the gate way (#T0016)

|| Old Prakaram (#T0017)

|| Sivaganga tank (#T0018)

|| 100 pillared hall near
shrine (#T0019)

|| 100 pillared hall near
shrine (#T0020)

|| Gate way (#T0021)

|| Rajasabha and sivaganga tank (#T0022)


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